Sponge Iron Plant

Published: 21st October 2008
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Let us know what is Sponge Iron and a Sponge Iron Plant? The answer is sponge iron is the product created when iron ore is reduced to metallic iron. It is the iron source produced by heating an iron ore at very high temperature enough to burn off its oxygen and carbon content but below iron's melting point. A Sponge Iron Plant is a unit or place involved with all the process of making sponge iron.

Process - The process of sponge iron making aims to remove oxygen from iron ore. The manufacturing of sponge iron is highly sensitive to raw material characteristics. Therefore, in a plant, all the necessary steps are taken to examine the pyysical characteristics of raw materials and chemicals, both individually and with combination.

The Engineering, R&D, & Projects Division of manufacturing is require to fully equipped to render assistance in basic and detailed engineering of Sponge Iron Plants.

Sponge Iron Equipment

• Dust Settling Chambers are required to discharge dust free gas.

• Cooler shells are very essential for effective cooling while iron is heated or melted.

• Transfer chutes are requiring transporting iron ore from one piece of equipment to another and hence essential equipment in sponge iron plant.

• Kiln Outlet hoods are necessary in proper functioning of sponge iron plants.

• Conveyors are mechanical apparatus that transports raw materials, products or items being assembled from one place to another

• Kilns are thermally insulated chambers in which controlled temperature regimes are produced. Kilns are made of superior quality raw materials.

• Discharge belts are conveyors in belt shape, effective used for handling loose raw materials like stone, sand, coal, grain etc.

• Drive System for Rotary Kiln

• Cooler Section for cooling purpose

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